By Amos N. Wilson

In two masterful lectures contained within the pages of this modest text, Dr. Wilson challenges the all too pervasive assumption and false perception that the “New World Order” is somehow ordained -that if Afrikan people are to progress, they have no other Alter-native but to remain colonized by White Western Inte-rests, This of course is patently false. Dr Wilson de-bunks this myth with an insightful analysis of the Legacy of Marcus Garvey and the proven validity of Afrikan Centered Consciousness as necessary… scan0032…psychological and material tools in the struggle for true liberation. A master teacher, Dr. Wilson puts forth his argument in a way that informs the general reader, and simultaneously reduces the much -touted strategic thinking of the proponents of the New World Order ti the mere newspeak it really is. PRICE: $13.00

Afrikan life into the coming millennia is imperiled by White and Asian power. True power must nest in the ownership of the real estate wherever Afrikan people dwell. Economic destiny determines biological destiny.Blueprint for Black Power details a master plan for the power … … revolution necessary for Black survival in the 21st century. White treatment of Afrikan Americans despite a myriad of theories explaining White behavior, ultimately rests on the fact that they can. They posses the power to do so. Such a power differential must be neutralized if Blacks are to prosper in the 21st century. PRICE: $44.00

BLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE represents a distinct milestone in criminology and Afrikan Studies. Its explanatory perspectives on the Sociopsycho-logical and politico-economic … … causes of Black-on-Black violence are exceptionally insightful, incisive, and iconoclastic. The psychodynamics of the Black-on-Black criminal are presented here with a depth and clarity rarely seen before. PRICE: $19.00

The Developmental  Psychology of The Black Child

If you have been looking for a single source which deals with these and related controversial questions from a black perspective, then this book may be the book for you. For between its covers,
The Developmental Psychology Of The Black Child, the first of a UBCS series of books dealing with the growth, development, and education of the black child; the first book which deals exclusively with the physical and psychosocial development of the black child, in a scholarly but readily understandable way, forthrightly confronts these and other issues. PRICE: $13.95

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